Courage & Leadership

Student 2010Our students are encouraged to believe in themselves and to pursue their dreams and aspirations. We prepare our students to be future leaders and change-makers; in doing so, we provide them with every opportunity to develop their wide ranging talents and skills so that, on leaving Byrchall High School, they are fully prepared for their role in society.

We are committed to listening to what our students say and acting on their views in order to make our school a better place.  We have a fully co-ordinated range of Student Voice roles and responsibilities for the whole student body and an active School Council.  Some students work pro-actively with our staff, researching learning and developing ideas to enhance teaching; other students work pro-actively within the student community supporting each other and our Student Ambassadors are recognised for their impact beyond school.

We have an exceptional team of fully dedicated staff whose shared aim is in supporting all students to achieve their individual goals.  A relationship of respect, trust and support between staff and students is of fundamental importance; our staff not only lead by example but do not hesitate to go ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ on a daily basis to ensure their students succeed by instilling in them all a sense of determination to fulfil their potential.