Years 7 and 8

It is important that students’ prior achievement and education at the point of transition is recognised and built upon in Year 7.

In most subject areas, students are organised into sets according to their attainment and, in each year, there is an Express Set for the most able students. Students’ progress is monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are placed in the group that will best support their learning.

In the first two years all students follow a common curriculum including the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, and the Foundation subjects of Art, French, Geography, History, Computing, Music, Physical Education (PE), Product Design and Drama.  Religious Education is delivered for one period per week for all students; this follows the locally agreed syllabus.

Year 7 Lessons per week   Year 8 Lessons per week
Maths 4   Maths 4
English 4   English 4
Science 3   Science 3
Langauges 2   Langauges 2
History, Geography, RE
3   Humanities
History, Geography, RE
Computing 2   Computing 2
Expressive Arts
Art, Drama, Music, PE
5   Expressive Arts
Art, Drama, Music, PE
Product Design 2   Product Design 2