Excel & Aspire

We want all of our students to feel motivated and inspired to excel and aspire in all aspects of their life. We want them to excel at being a model citizen – with all the skills and attributes needed to lead a happy and productive life. We also want them to aspire to greatness in their future careers – taking pride in wanting to better themselves and aim to be the best that they can be.

The aim of the ‘Excel and Aspire’ programme is to ensure we prepare and support students to fulfil their potential, prepare them for lifelong learning and help them to become successful global 21st Century citizens. The custom curriculum identifies the range of skills, knowledge and understanding that all students need to develop fully over the full five years at Byrchall. This range of learning needs has been carefully mapped to identify opportunities for students to achieve each aim and demonstrate the extent of their understanding.

It is not about qualifications; it is about the development of the individual. We want all our students to understand that this is equally as important as their academic qualifications.

We have tried to bring all the aspects of personal development under one heading. Hopefully this will make the message and the impact stronger. We want to increase engagement from students and help them recognise the importance of this personal development. The Excel and Aspire programme brings together the following aspects:

  • RRSA
  • 'Be Positive'
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • SMSC
  • Every Child Matters
  • Wider Key Skills
  • Cross-curricular Dimensions
  • Careers
  • Work-Related Learning
  • Enterprise
  • PSHE
  • Citizenship
  • PLTS
  • Peronsalisation
  • Progress
  • Values in Action

The 21st Century Citizen

Our aim is to ensure that all our students develop into successful and well-rounded 21st Century citizens.

This aim encapsulates nine essential key areas of development:

  • Academic Achievement and Progress
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Aspirations and Careers
  • Safety and Managing Risk
  • Citizenship
  • SMSC
  • Rights Respecting
  • Relationships
  • Diversity and Enterprise

Delivery Model

The Excel & Aspire programme of study is delivered using the nine aspects of a 21st Century Citizen as broad planning themes.  To ensure all students are able to develop all nine areas fully, we ensure that:

  • A range of opportunities are made available where students will be able to demonstrate a range of skills, knowledge and understanding.
  • A personalised curriculum is offered to all students to ensure their development relating to academic achievement and progress.  Appropriate and timely intervention sessions and the support programmes are also available.
  • Sufficient opportunity is provided in CASP lessons to ensure the remaining areas are covered regularly across Years 7 to 11. CASP lessons are delivered on a weekly rolling programme by Form Tutors.
  • In addition, all assemblies, extra-curricular activities and registration time activities will be linked to the key areas.

CASP lessons will fit within each of the themes described above.  The lessons will be a mixture of project-based learning, interactive lessons, independent study, creative expression and team work.