Year 11 Revision & Support

If you have any questions about GCSE exams, you can contact Mrs Wilkinson & Mr Abbott here.

Our 2018 Exam Preparation timetable is available here.

The pursuit of the highest standards possible is at the core of our mission statement for Year 11 students.  We believe in high aspirations, high motivation and high achievement for all. Equality and acceptance are at the heart of our Byrchall community ethos and continue to play a primary role throughout Year 11.   Through both our extended curriculum and community life, we seek to meet the needs of the whole individual to ensure the best future possible.

The driving principles for our young people are summarised in our Year 11 motto:

Maximising Achievement Calendar


Date Activities
September Form time revision programme
October Progress Report to parents Launch of “Make your MARK” programme for students and parents “Make your MARK” day- revision and study skills- outside speaker 31st October- “Make your MARK” Evening for parents and students-how to support students at home
Half Term Lesson programme in place during holiday
November After-school revision sessions begin (3-4pm Tuesday-Thursday) Full reports to parents
December Examination preparation 11th -15th December- Mock examinations
January 16th January- Mock Results Day
18th January- Y11 Parents’ Consultation Evening
February Practical GCSE examinations begin
Half Term Lesson programme in place during holiday
March Easter School letter to parents
Progress Report to parents
Easter School Lesson programme in place for holiday
April Revision assemblies begin
May Written GCSE examinations begin
Half Term Lesson programme in place during holiday
June Final examination preparation


Final Examinations

If you arrive late on the day of an exam, you need to report directly to the exams office and hand in your coat/bag/phone etc. If you arrive before 10am for a morning exam, or 2.30pm for an afternoon exam, you will still get the full amount of time. If you arrive any later than this, your paper may be refused by the Awarding Body. If there are mitigating circumstances please provide as much proof as possible so that we can support your case.

If you are ill on the day of the exam and will be absent, you need to ring school to let us know, and go to the doctor and provide proof. We can provide a self-certification form which can be verified by your G.P. We can then apply for Special Consideration for an absent candidate, but we cannot apply without the doctor’s note. The Awarding Body will look at other units, and possibly mock results to aggregate a score for you.

If you feel ill during the exam, please raise your hand and tell the invigilator. We can apply for Special Consideration for a disadvantaged candidate, as you have not performed to the best of your ability. We cannot do this unless we are made aware of it at the time.

Please read your exam booklet carefully as it includes other relevant information about equipment and behaviour during exams.



You will be given a consent form to sign before leaving school; this is to speed things up should a request be made for a script to be re-marked. You will be contacted by telephone if this is the case. All unused consent forms will be destroyed. You have the right to appeal against your result even if it is not supported by school. If your scripts are not chosen by school for re-marking but you would like to put in a request, you need to contact school no later than 18th September. This will enable us to meet the exam board deadline. There is no guarantee that your grade will change, it could go up or down. If your mark goes up there will be no fee incurred, but if it remains the same or goes down then you will be asked to pay the fee.

The revision timetable can be viewed here.


Below are a range of resources and websites that can support students and parents during exam revision, both throughout the year and in preparation for exams.


KS4 Information & Guidance Booklet

Revision Timetable - Example 1

Revision Timetable - Example 2

Revision Timetable - Example 3

Subject-Specific Resources



BBC Bitesize

Podcast Revision





GCSE Bitesize

Sam Learning

The Maths Teacher

Maths Casts

Hegarty Maths


Maths Watch VLE


BBC Bitesize




Teach ICT


Paper 1 Causes of World War 2

Paper 1 Cold War Crises

Paper 1 Cold War Origins

Paper 2 Germany 1930s

Race Relations

USA 1920s

Question Types


BBC Languages


This Is Language (Y11 only)


BBC Bitesize


Revision World

Teach PE

Revision World

Teach PE

BBC Education

Pearson Qualifications

PE 4 Learning

NHS Training Tips

Football Rules

The FA

Netball Rules

Simple Netball

Hockey Rules

England Hockey

Rugby League Rules



GCSE Geography Exam Revision Notes- Jane Ferretti and Brian Greasley , Phillip Allan Updates ISBN No 086003 441 0.

GCSE Geography for WJEC B Revision Guide, - Stuart Currie Hodder Education. -ISBN No 978-0-340-98796-4