Geography considers the big issues that affect your future.

At Byrchall we enable pupils to attain a sound knowledge of places on a variety of scales. We help them develop a sense of place and an awareness of how human and physical environments differ and change overtime.

The Geography department holds the nationally recognised ‘Secondary Geography Quality Mark ‘award. We continue to be a popular option choice at GCSE and offer a curriculum that considers topical every day issues and events. We offer opportunities for fieldwork which enables pupils to experience geography in their local and wider area.

Our key aims are:

  • To develop a sense of place
  • To develop an awareness of their role in the world
  • To develop a range of practical, enquiry and thinking skills
  • To develop a positive attitude towards sustainable development

Subject Content

  Autumn Spring Summer
What is Geography? Continents and Oceans of the world Map Reading Skills Weather and Climate Development and Aid Population and Migration Tourism
Kenya Ecosystems: Amazon Rainforest Tectonics The Environment Japan
Changing Environments Hydrological Cycle and Rivers Changing Environments Rivers Flooding Changing Environments

Weather and Climate
Changing Environments



Environmental Challenges

Environmental Challenges

How ecosystems function Ecosystems under threat
Environmental Challenges

Water Resources and management
Changing Places

Changing Economies Urbanisation in contrasting global cities
Changing Places

Changing Economies Urban and rural processes and change in the UK
Changing Places

Changing Economies A global perspective on development issues Fieldwork unit
Changing Places

Changing Economies A global perspective on development issues

Fieldwork unit
Fieldwork studies Environmental Challenges Revision and exam technique GCSE Exams

Year 7 Overview

Year 8 Overview

Year 9 Overview

Year 10 Overview

Year 11 Overview