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The aim of the curriculum is that it will fulfil the school’s mission statement:

“Live to Learn - Enjoy and Achieve
Learn to Live - Now and in the Future”

We will provide opportunities for students to become knowledgeable and successful, and develop into fulfilled global 21st century citizens. The curriculum aims to provide a broad and balanced experience and a high quality education to enable all to have a deeper understanding of a range of subject areas and provide a range of personal development opportunities.

High standards of achievement are available to all students through an appropriate and relevant curriculum that is flexible to meets the needs and aspirations of all learners. Developing a broad range of skills in literacy, numeracy, thinking, independent learning, employability and understanding examination techniques, will help prepare students to take responsibility for their own learning, now and in the future.

We encourage students to be resilient, responsive, passionate and reflective learners. The challenges will be hard work, but the rewards will be worth the effort.

Curriculum Planning

The Curriculum model and planning is designed to build on the learning and experiences at Key Stage 2 and ensure progression post 16. Therefore staff plan for the journey over the full five years of each child's time at Byrchall. Each year group has a clear focus:

Year 7 Transition

  • Broad and balanced and meets all statutory requirements

  • Progression from Key Stage 2

  • Establish high expectations

Year 8 Development

  • Broad and balanced and meets all statutory requirements

  • Development of numeracy and literacy skills

  • Development of subject specific skills, knowledge and understanding in National Curriculum subjects

Year 9 Progression

  • Subject skill development, increased depth and breadth of knowledge in the core curriculum

  • Flexible choice, equal access and preparation for a broad 14-19 curriculum

  • Subject specific key skill development, increased depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding in option subjects

Year 10 Achievement

  • Consolidation and development in skills, knowledge and understanding in core curriculum

  • Consolidation and development in skills, knowledge and understanding in optional subjects

Year 11 Enhancement

  • Development, application, extension and support in core curriculum

  • Development, application, extension and support in optional subjects

These plans will prepare students from their starting points in Year 7 to achieving the requirements of the new GCSEs and studying a subject in depth. Regular assessments will monitor their progress in achieving this. Sound pedagogy has been used to develop these units, and they will scaffold the progress of students through the years, and aspire towards excellence for all. The curriculum plans include opportunities for deepening learning and developing retention strategies, and to prepare them for terminal examinations, further study and employment.

A breakdown of subject content can be found in each of our 'Curriculum Guides' that can be downloaded by clicking the year group links from the Curriculum menu. Each Curriculum Guide gives a more detailed overview of the content covered in each year for every subject, along with departmental aims and approaches to homework. Our Curriculum Policy is available here. If you require further information, please contact Mrs A. Finch on 01942 728221 or

Curriculum Delivery Model

The teaching time available is 25 periods per week. Periods last 60 minutes.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship

This is delivered through our Community and Self Progression Programme (CASP), Personal Development Lessons (PDL), RE, Enrichment Days, assemblies, form time and integrated into subject areas.

This incorporates:

  • Personal values and attitudes

  • Personal and collective responsibility in society


Entitlement includes:

  • Sex and relationship education

  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development(SMSC)

  • Health and drug education

  • Environmental issues

  • Careers and vocational guidance

  • Industrial and economic understanding

  • Financial Management

  • The role of Law

  • The political system

  • British Values

CASP is delivered on a weekly rolling period, a further Personal Development Lesson (PDL) takes place half termly, and Enrichment Days are allocated throughout the year for delivery of additional aspects of the CASP programme.

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE)

The SRE programme is not delivered as a discrete subject on the timetable, but is included in the broader programmes of CASP, Science and Religious Education. Outside agencies also provide additional support when necessary. The aim is to provide correct information and hence reduce any anxieties and guilt providing an appropriate environment for discussion. Students are encouraged to have regard to moral considerations and the value of family life.

Careful consideration has been given to eliminate any discrimination in terms of:

  • Curriculum content

  • Option choices

  • Examination entries

  • Extra-curricular opportunities

  • School organisation

Careers Information Advice and Guidance (CIAG)

Impartial advice on careers education is delivered via a partnership between students, parents, school, further education colleges, training providers and external services and employers.


The purpose is:

  • Prepare students for transition from school to further education and then onto higher education or employment

  • Prepare students for academic and vocational education

  • Make appropriate career decisions

  • Develop a working partnership between school and industry


This is delivered through CASP, Enrichment Days, assemblies, form time, interviews with staff and independent advisers, vocational options and interview preparation days. Contact with employers and employees, from a range of industries, is encouraged. Opportunities are provided for employers to visit the school. The Gatsby Benchmarks provide the focus for the planning of CIAG delivery.

Options – There are a wide variety of options available, to suit all abilities in the Upper School. They allow students to follow their interests and talents, as well as studying the more academic GCSEs, there are a range of high quality vocational qualifications. Students are guided to make the most appropriate choices for the individual.

GCSE Options Available:

This is a list of GCSE options that are available

GCSE Business Studies
GCSE Computer Science
GCSE Dance
GCSE Drama
GCSE French
GCSE Geography
GCSE History
GCSE Music
GCSE Physical Education
GCSE Product Design
GCSE Spanish

This is a further list of GCSE options that are available

Further Science:
GCSE Biology,
GCSE Chemistry &
GCSE Physics


Further Maths:
Level 3 Algebra &
Level 3 FSMQ

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Vocational Options Available:

This is a list of vocational options that are available

Health & Social Care Certificate
Sports Science Certificate
Creative i-Media Certificate
IT Certificate
Child Development Certificate

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Extra Curricular Programme:

A wide range of opportunities are provided to meet the interests and the needs of all students. These include support and intervention, curriculum linked activities, clubs and visits.


These provide for all students, whether it is for those who want to perform at the higher levels, and represent the school in sporting fixtures or Performing Arts presentations, or those who wish to participate for enjoyment and development. The activities are wide ranging; they include residential opportunities and provide links with the taught curriculum the school offers, as well as introducing new experiences.


The timetable of the Clubs and Activities will be sent home termly, and can be found here.