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Edulink One 

Edulink One is a system that allows pupils, parents and carers keep up-to-date with a range of information from school, such as progress, achievements, behaviour and attendance. It is also the system we use for recording homework tasks that have been set so that both parents/carers and pupils can manage their workload and ensure they never miss deadlines.

Edulink is also our preferred method for communication with parents, allowing us to send notifications and messages relating to school work, absences, events, achievements and behaviour directly to mobile devices and email. It is therefore vital that all our parents connect to the system to keep up-to-date. The system is available as both a mobile app for Android and Apple devices and also a website for access on computers and laptops. All parents are given login details by letter. We do not give out details over the phone or via email to help maintain the security and confidentiality of information regarding our students.

Also look out for further support at school events, such as parents' evenings, to learn how to take full advantage of the full range of tools the system has to offer. Although the username and password are the first step in unlocking the power of this system, you may also need some help and guidance to make sure you can get the most out of what is available.


If you require further support then contact Mr. Arnold at for assistance.

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