Food Technology
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Nutrition isn't about eating, it's about learning to live.

In Food we create a working atmosphere where students love to learn, are engaged and confident. We encourage students to take risks with flavours and develop transferable skills so that they can develop and tackle more challenging recipes. We begin to introduce the students to the science of food and encourage them to think about the strong link between Science and Food lessons. Students work independently and as teams contributing to the wider school community as opportunities arise.

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Food Peparation and Nutrition
Lower School

Recipes/ingredients will be set weekly. In addition to this the following types of homework will be set occasionally:

  • Reading recipes

  • Responding to feedback

  • Gathering sensory feedback from home

  • Watching food programmes

  • Researching ingredients, commodities

Years 9 and 10

Most practical lessons will require an evaluation. Students will have a skills sheet to complete at the end of each practical.

Homework will be set in the following formats to support independent learning:

  • Exam style questions

  • Reading recipes

  • Practicing practical skills at home

  • Watching tutorials

Reading magazines/newspapers to increase and widen knowledge and understanding

Year 11

Homework will be set in the following formats to support independent learning:

  • Research for NEA 1 – starts September, ends October half term

  • Research for NEA 2 – starts November, ends February half term

  • Exam style questions

  • Revision materials

  • Reading recipes

  • Watching tutorials

  • Reading magazines / newspapers to increase and widen knowledge and understanding

  • Bringing in ingredients

Reverse Certificates

Reverse certificates are a concept of the Food Technology department to encourage students to use and develop their skills by cooking at home. Reverse certificates are rewarded by parents as opposed to teachers and are available to download here

If you are issuing a reverse certificate, we would like to celebrate it on our Facebook page. If you are happy for us to do this, please email or direct message our Facebook page along a message granting permission to use the photos and any other information you'd like us to include.