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Core Curriculum: Science GCSEs

Member of Staff Responsible: Mrs Millward (Head of Department)

We offer a range of Science GCSE pathways that are in line with national guidelines.

Core Curriculum: Science GCSEs

AQA: Combined Science, Trilogy- 2 GCSE’s

GCSE Science has a Foundation tier (grades 1 – 5) and a Higher tier (grades 4 – 9). Students will sit six examinations in the summer of year 11. They will sit, two biology, two chemistry and two physics papers. Each of the papers will assess knowledge and understanding from distinct topic areas. The information in the table below is the same for both Foundation and Higher tiers.

How it's assessed:

•Written exam: 1 hour 15 minutes

• Foundation and Higher Tier

• 70 marks

• 16.7 % of GCSE


Multiple choice, structured, closed short answer, and open response.

During the duration of the course, all students will have opportunity to take part in the 21 practical activities which are a required part of the course and will be assessed in their final 6 exams. There is no coursework element to this GCSE qualification.

Following this pathway will give students two combined Science GCSEs.

The qualification will be graded on a 17-point scale: 1 – 1 to 9 – 9 – where 9 – 9 is the best grade.

A student taking Foundation Tier assessments will be awarded a grade within the range of 1 – 1 to 5 – 5. A student taking Higher Tier assessments will be awarded a grade within the range of 4 – 4 to 9 – 9. A


Year 10 and Year 11 students receive homework once a week. It may consist of written work, recall tasks, exam questions or independent learning. Homework is available for students to access using the school’s Synergy application.

Table giving more info about Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Biology Chemistry Physics: more information
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