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Creative iMedia Cambridge National Award

Member of Staff Responsible: Mr C. Smethurst

Exam board – OCR
Coursework (60%)
Written examination (40%)
Graded – Distinction* to Pass at Level 1 or 2
(Equivalent to GCSE grades 8-1)

Creative iMedia Cambridge National Award


This course is designed to be a practical introduction to the modern digital media industry and the current technologies that are used. Rather than focusing on a lot of technical theory about the computers themselves, iMedia is about understanding and applying the fundamental principles and concepts of digital media including factors that influence product design, use of design conventions, pre-production planning techniques, legal issues and creation/publishing/distribution considerations. Students will develop independence and confidence in using skills that would be relevant to the media industry and more widely, and design, plan, create and review digital media products which are fit for purpose meeting both client and target audience requirements. The course is offered at ‘Certificate’ level which is equivalent to one GCSE. 

Skills will be developed in:

· Creative iMedia in the media industry – students will learn about the media industry, digital media products, how they are planned, and the media codes which are used to convey meaning, create impact and engage audiences.

· Visual identity and digital graphics – students will learn to how to develop visual identities for clients and use the concepts of graphic design to create original digital graphics to engage target audiences.

· Characters and Comics – students will learn about the importance of storytelling and character design, learning to draw characters and create a comic strip.

Students will sit a written examination that tests their knowledge and understanding of pre-production processes and products and roles within the media industry. They also complete three practical units to put their understanding into practice. The large volume of practical work means students must be committed to the subject from the beginning and be prepared to put in extra time if necessary to meet deadlines. 

They should have a keen interest in media and popular culture and how imaginative ideas are brought to life. A creative flair and an original imagination will also benefit pupils choosing iMedia as a lot of hand-drawn and digital design work takes place.


This course will interest any student who is looking towards a career in areas such as animation, TV and film, games design, web design, radio or any aspect of the digital media industry.

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