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Drama Performing Arts Award

Member of Staff Responsible: Mrs C. Lipton
Examinations: BTEC

Drama Performing Arts Award


This qualification is designed for learners who may be interested in the performance industry. The focus of the qualification is on the learner’s ability and desire to perform.

This qualification aims to:

· Focus on an applied study of the performance skills industry.

· Offer breadth and depth of study, incorporating a significant core of knowledge and theoretical content with broad-ranging applicability.

· Provide opportunities to acquire a number of practical and technical skills.

· Acquire and develop fundamental practical skills

· Focus on performance ability by developing critical awareness

· Provide an opportunity to develop existing skills relating to the performance industry.

There are three units that make up the qualification:

Developing skills for performance

This unit provides an opportunity for learners to assess the skills required for their chosen art form and explore the benefits and practicalities of skills development. Learners will understand the importance of rehearsals in the development of their skills.

Internal assessment – portfolio of evidence.

Performance production in practice

This unit develops the learner’s understanding of the practical and organisational processes that surround the successful staging of a performance. It develops an understanding of the co-operative nature of a production team and enables the learner to get involved in the development process.

Internal assessment – portfolio of evidence.

Prepare and perform

This unit develops the understanding and effectiveness of preparing for, taking part in and evaluating a performance, taking into consideration the needs of the audience.

External assessment – assignment.


Be able to demonstrate and develop skills for performance.

Be able to perform.

Know how to use practice to improve.

Demonstrate the ability to develop and apply new skills.

Demonstrate safe working practices within chosen art form.

Explain how participation in practice sessions can improve skills.

Describe appropriate rehearsal techniques to use within action plans and schedules.

Know how to carry out planning requirements for a performance production.

Be able to take part in the development process for a performance production.

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