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Further Maths

Member of staff responsible: Mr D. Tudor
This course provides candidates with an introduction to the mathematics studied in A Level GCE modules. It is designed for those students who have a thorough knowledge of the content of the Higher Tier of the National Curriculum for Mathematics. They should have achieved, or be expected to achieve one of the top 3 grades at GCSE.

Further Maths

Algebra (Level 3) 

The Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Awards in Algebra enables students to: 

• Develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of concepts in algebra and a sound foundation of mathematical techniques 

• Acquire confidence in their mathematical skills to move into further study in the subject or related areas 

• Enjoy using mathematics and become confident when using mathematics 

• Develop proficiency in algebra to support progression in their studies, in the workplace and for training. 


o Algebraic manipulation and solution of equations 

o Inequalities and number sequences 

o Linear and curved graphs, distance and time graphs, speed and time graphs 

GCSE Statistics (Level 2) 

The Edexcel (9-1) GCSE Statistics course consists of two externally assessed examinations. 


• The collection of data 

• Processing, representing and analysing data 

• Probability OCR FSMQ Additional Maths (Level 3) 

The course aims to: 

• Introduce students to the power and elegance of advanced mathematics 

• To allow students to experience the directions in which the subject is developed post-GCSE. 

• To develop confidence in using mathematical skills in other areas of study. 

Pure Mathematics content- Algebra, Co-ordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus.

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