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Music BTEC

Member of staff responsible: Mr S. Gibson
Examinations: BTEC

Music BTEC

Why study Music? 

Music is all around us. It influences our moods and emotions in many ways. It is a practical, engaging and diverse subject to study, and will leave you with practical musical skills. There are many career paths a music qualification can lead you into, making it a good choice for a hardworking, hands on student. BTEC music is an interesting course in its own right or may lead to further study at college and beyond. 

You will study: 

• Performing techniques as a soloist and as an ensemble player. 

• Composing techniques of all sorts of different genres. 

• How to read and write music plus analysing music you hear every day, and take its complexities and brilliance for granted. • The Music Industry and how to get involved in various job roles and careers. 

You will learn the following skills: 

Performing, composing, self-management and team skills and how to organise yourself and events planning. 

The course 

Unit 1: The Music Industry - (Examination in Y11) 

 You will learn about different careers and job roles in the music industry 

 How to safeguard performers and performances 

 About the various ways you can get yourself work as a musician 

Unit 2: Managing a Music Product - (Coursework) 

 You will design or create an event/product which you will then produce 

 Things could include a CD of your performances, a music Podcast, a school concert/talent show etc 

 You will work as a group, set targets, minute meetings and then reflect on your finished product 

Unit 4: Composition - (Coursework) 

 You will be taught to and learn how to compose in various styles 

 You will learn to analyse music and a to compose for a target audience 

 You will eventually produce a full length track or your designing. 

Unit 5: Performance - (Coursework) 

 You will practice your instrument/voice for various performances 

 You will be taught how to practice properly 

 You will be taught various technical skills on your instrument 

 You will perform to others/with others

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