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SCIENCE- Further Science- Biology GCSE, Chemistry GCSE, Physics GCSE

Member of Staff Responsible: Mrs Millward

SCIENCE- Further Science- Biology GCSE, Chemistry GCSE, Physics GCSE

AQA: Single Sciences: GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics

Students may opt to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate GCSE subjects however are required to study all three. The course is designed to develop an interest and enthusiasm of Science. 

It will also develop a critical approach to scientific evidence and methods. It is the route recommended for aspiring scientists who want to go into careers that include Science and wish to study Science at further and higher level.

Students will sit six exams: two Biology, two Chemistry and two Physics all at the end of year 11. Following this pathway will enable students to achieve three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students will need to select ‘Further Science’ as one of the option blocks.

This pathway will equip students with the necessary knowledge and understanding required for further study, and it is envisaged that they will study Science higher level appropriate to their target. All the Science GCSEs and pathways are accepted for entry onto A-level and other college courses, with the minimum requirement being two Science GCSEs.

Table giving more info about Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Biology Chemistry Physics: more information
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