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Frequently asked questions

When will a lockdown be required?

There are a number of scenarios that might require the school to enforce a partial (eg for a particular year group) or full school closure. The school will continue to monitor both national and local guidance and take the relevant steps communicated to us from both local and national government. Where a positive test is confirmed any decision will be made following consultation with Public Health and the relevant authorities.

How will we be informed if a lockdown is required?

School will communicate any lockdown scenario with parents via EduLink/text. Pupils and parents will be required to follow the guidance as outlined in the correspondence circulated.

What will happen on the first day that my child is working from home?

Pupils will be required to follow their normal timetable remotely from home. If pupils are fit and well, they should connect to the internet to access their normal lesson remotely. Log into their Microsoft 365 email account. Teachers will have sent them an invitation through their online calendar to access their lesson through Teams. Click on the link at the scheduled lesson time and wait to be accepted into the lesson by the teacher.

Will lesson timings differ during a lockdown period?

Pupils will follow their normal school timetable. Where the school is operating a partial closure (ie some year groups are in school and other year groups are working from home) please allow around 5-10 minutes for the online lesson to start. Staff are currently moving between bubble areas and will need some time to relocate, set up and log into the session. There are also plans in place to modify the timetable if a longer period of closure is enforced.

What type of education will my child have access to?

Pupils will receive live lessons (or pre-recorded lessons if live lessons are not possible). These lessons will be delivered by the class teacher. Pupils will follow their normal timetable and so are expected to engage in learning during normal school hours (8:50am – 2:55pm). In addition,

  • Students will also be required to access registration with their form tutor on Monday and Wednesday morning at 8:30am.
  • The PE department will set challenges and Well-Being tasks for the week instead of the scheduled core PE lessons. Those following exam PE will need to access their lessons via Teams
  • CASP (PSHE lessons) will continue to be delivered by your Form Tutor and pupils will be reminded when this will take place.

What teaching platform will pupils use?

Pupils will receive lessons via Microsoft teams. This software package allows pupils to be taught in class groups. Every pupil will have a team set up for their class. Resources and teaching material will also be uploaded to the relevant class page. There is also an opportunity for pupils to collaborate with their peers and seek support from their teachers. Pupils and parents can access their timetable via EduLink

How long will lessons last?

All lessons will start via Teams as close to the scheduled start time as is practical. The duration of each lesson will vary to ensure an effective balance between teacher input and opportunities for students to practise and apply their learning independently. Sometimes the teacher may give a detailed explanation at the start allowing students to log off and continue with their work independently. In other cases, the teacher may stay online to support where required or return later in the lesson to recap.

All lessons will start with an input as close to the lesson time as is practical and will finish before the scheduled start of the next lesson to allow your child to prepare adequately for the next lesson.

Will my child get a break?

Your child will be following their normal timetable which includes a break (10-50am – 11:10am) and lunch (1:10pm – 1:55pm). There will be a small pause between the end and start of the next.

What if my child needs support to complete their work?

There will be opportunities for pupils to access support during the live lessons. In addition, pupils should contact their class teacher via email. For those with a Special Educational Need please contact our SEN department if your child is having difficulty in accessing the work.

How does my child access TEAMS?

All pupils have received information via their form tutor and during IT lessons for those who have this on their timetable. How to guides are available on the school website under the ‘Remote Learning’ section.

There are also short video clips available on request that you as a family can click on to familiarise yourselves with the software and how to access the relevant class page.

Pupils can access teams via their mobile device or via a laptop.

What if we have issues with accessing the technology?

Please contact your Head of Year to discuss so we can discuss any support that maybe on offer or make alternative arrangements. Work packs are available if required but every effort should be made to access the live lessons.

Why are ‘Live Lessons’ recorded?

Live lessons will be recorded to safeguard both students and staff. It will also be a valuable resource for students to refer back to help them when completing tasks independently or for future revision.

Is there anything we can do to support my child at home?

It would be useful to discuss with your child how pupils will access their lessons practically from home. In particular;

  • Consider where your child will be completing their remote learning;
  • Ensure your child is clear how to access TEAMS and their email. Get them to show you;
  • Ensure your child is clear on our expectations of them during lessons;
  • Talk to them about the lessons they have engaged with during the day and encourage them to contact their teacher if they require any further guidance or support.

How can I support my child to stay safe online?

All pupils have had guidance in school in staying safe online. In particular;

  • Encourage them if they are contacting anyone by phone or video to do so in a family space.
  • Encourage them to talk to you if they are worried or concerned about anything they have seen online
  • Ensure they are aware that they contact school if they are worried or concerned about anything.
  • If they need to report something online, ensure they use Child Exploitation and Online Protection command (CEOP) ( and the UK Safer Internet Centre (
  • In addition, we have enclosed a parental information leaflet on TEAMS

How can I support my child in staying physically and mentally well during such a period?

  • As we found during the summer months working remotely from home can be difficult we will be using our social media to encourage students to consider how they might look after their physical and mental well-being. Getting into a daily routine, having regular contact with friends and family, staying active and a balanced diet are essential.

How will we receive updates during the closure?

The school will continue to communicate with parents via EduLink, Email and text. It is imperative that we have up to date and current contact details so you can receive any relevant updates. Updates will also be posted on the school’s website.

Pupils should regularly check their school email accounts for any communication from school or their teachers.

Pupil attendance

Pupils are expected to fully engage with their learning. A full register will be taken in each and every lesson (including the allocated form tutor periods currently Monday and Wednesday 8:30am). Staff will monitor who has logged into the team and is engaging with the work set. If a pupil is unable to attend due to illness they should contact school attendance in the normal way. Staff will follow up with parents if students regularly fail to attend lessons.

Pupil behaviour and expectations

Pupils are expected to uphold the same high standards of conduct and behaviour during online lessons as they would be expected to in school. They are reminded that during the session the teacher is in charge. We have shared the following expectations with the students;

  • You must be appropriately dressed. Think about what you would be expected to wear on a non-uniform day in school. Anyone in view of your camera must also be dressed appropriately;
  • You must use your full name to identify yourself. If we don’t recognise your name, you won’t be able to join;
  • You must take part in a room in your house, other than a bedroom and bathroom;
  • You must let other people in your household know that you are involved in a live session;
  • You must check and remove anything in the background that might be inappropriate, distracting or could share personal details about you or your family;
  • You (or anyone else in your house) must never record the live session or take photos, either through the device being used or other devices, such as: a mobile phone;
  • You must not use the personal chat facility to communicate between each other. This facility is used to ask questions during the lesson, about the topic being covered.

On a basic level, you will be expected to meet the same standards of conduct and behaviour during online lessons as you would be expected to in school.

As would be the case in school, the lesson is managed by the teacher. So please;

  • Ensure you use appropriate language – unnecessary language or unkind behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Practise using standard English, ensuring you are polite at all times to all online participants.
  • Fully engage with the lesson, remembering to submit work by the deadline set.

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