Business Studies

Inspiring the Business Leaders of tomorrow

The Business Studies department aims to provide our students with the skills and knowledge required in an ever changing society. We aim to ensure that our students can go out into the dynamic contemporary business world with the attributes necessary to be successful employees and leaders. Business students at Byrchall will be entrepreneurial, independent learners, confident presenters and strong team players with a sound understanding of the world in which they live. Summary focus areas:

  • Determined, Innovative, Entrepreneurs

  • Dedicated employees and leaders

  • Prepared for the world of work

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Students will be required to complete one 60-minute piece of homework every week.

  • Homework will consist of a variety of different tasks, for example: revision, spelling/definitions, research tasks, exam questions and real world application/newspaper reports.

  • Homework set will be recorded by the teacher on the school’s Edulink One app.

Do you ever stop and think about:

  • The design process, planning and research that goes into your latest Smart Phone?

  • The impact that fashion trends have upon the sales and profitability of fads like loom bands?

  • Why Facebook is such a useful promotional tool from a business perspective?

  • How advances in technology have led to new product development from Retro Games such as Pac Man to today’s latest Xbox/PlayStation game?

  • How Branding increases the price of everything you eat or drink?

  • The impact that celebrity endorsement has upon the prices of products?

  • All of these decisions are items that must be considered by businesses.

In a world where competitive advantage in the career market is of growing importance, Business Studies is a subject that directly relates to the world of work. It is a subject area that keeps your options open, both for further study and for your chosen career.

  • Employers value the qualification

  • There are real opportunities to progress in education or employment

  • You will gain valuable, transferable skills

  • When you leave school and wish to get a job, you will understand more about the way a business runs

  • If you chose not to become an employee you will have the skills and knowledge to start your own business

Business Studies lessons at Byrchall take steps to innovate, inspire, and challenge our students to value diversity, be open minded, develop teamwork skills, take risks and develop their financial awareness. These entrepreneurial skills are vital in preparing students for the real world.

Our Business Studies students could become the next generation of entrepreneurs, bankers, inventors, lawyers, politicians or accountants catering for ever changing consumer wants and needs. Business Studies offers both vocational and academic pathways with an excellent record of results in both qualifications. Additionally the extra-curricular programme offers students the opportunities to run their own small business under Young Enterprise currently involving the production, marketing and costing of a range of products made using Hama Beading. We have had past success in a variety of National Challenges and participate in the annual Make Your Mark Challenges. In 2012 we won the North West Barclays Bank Money Hero’s completion winning £3000 to invest into new technology within the department.

The aim of the Business Studies Department is to increase understanding of the real world of business, and to prepare students for employment and further education. We aim to:

  • Inspire students to achieve their potential

  • Build an extraordinary learning community that goes beyond the curriculum

  • Encourage a rewarding and stimulating learning experience for students

  • Foster a spirit of enquiry into the business studies theories of the world of today

  • Develop links with local businesses to enhance the learning opportunities for all our students

  • Offer a broad range of transferable skills and useful knowledge in preparation for further study and/or working life

The department has an excellent reputation for use of emerging technology to aid learning and revision with the use of simulation packages, podcasting and production of revision videos, animations, blogs and wiki’s to support both learning and exam preparation. The department has enthusiastic, experienced and supportive teaching staff offer additional support both during lunchtime and afterschool should students require additional guidance. A variety of stimulating extra-curricular clubs are on offer to enable students to put theory covered in the classroom into practice.

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