Teaching Staff


  • Mr. A. Birchall

Deputy Headteachers

  • Curriculum and Systems: Mrs. A. Finch

  • Teaching and Learning: Mr. P. Paul

Assistant Headteachers

  • Inclusion and Welfare: Mrs. A. Hudson

  • Head of Upper School: Mrs. T. Wilkinson

  • Head of Lower School: Mrs. D. Fletcher

  • Mr. I. Barry

  • Mrs. C. Smith


  • Head of Year 7: Miss H. Tereszczenko

  • Head of Year 8: Mrs. K. Johnson

  • Head of Year 9: Miss F. Parker

  • Head of Year 10: Miss R. Radcliffe

  • Head of Year 11: Mr. D. Abbott

  • More Able Learners: Mr. P. McVeigh

  • Boys' Achievement: Mr. P. McVeigh

  • Data and Curriculum: Mr. C. Eccles

  • Primary Outreach: Mr. R. Williams

  • CEIAG: Mr. A. Rastrick

  • Pedagogy and Practice: Mr. G. Rowland

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing: Mr. C. Moorhouse

Heads of Faculty/Department and Curriculum Leaders

  • Art, Design and Technology: Mrs. C. Williamson

  • Business and Enterprise: Mrs. K. McGuire

  • Computing: Mr. C. Smethurst

  • Drama and Performing Arts Faculty: Mrs C. Lipton

  • English: Mr. J. Thirlby

  • Geography: Ms A. Ollerenshaw

  • History: Mr. G. Rowland

  • Humanities Faculty and R.E: Mr. M. Scott

  • Languages: Mrs. D. Turban

  • Mathematics: Mr. D. Tutor

  • Music: Mr. S. Gibson

  • Physical Education: Mr. R. Williams

  • Product Design: Mrs. C. Knight

  • Science: Mrs. K. Millward

  • SEND: Mrs. K. Sutton

  • Mr. D. Abbott: Mathematics

  • Mr. R. Anderton: History

  • Mr. I. Barry: English

  • Mr. J. Rose: Science

  • Mr. A. Birchall: Mathematics

  • Mrs. A. Clancy: English

  • Mr. A. Clare: Computing

  • Mrs. R. Cocker: English

  • Miss J. Collier: Music

  • Miss S. Cooksey: English

  • Mrs. K. Crowley: Physical Education

  • Mrs. S. Daniel: Mathematics

  • Ms O. Davenport: Science

  • Mr. C. Eccles: Mathematics

  • Mrs. J. Flack: R.E.

  • Mrs. A. Finch: Computing

  • Mrs. D Fletcher: Mathematics

  • Mr. P. Gaskell: Mathematics

  • Mr. S. Gibson: Music

  • Mr. M. Gregory: Physical Education

  • Mr. J. Haynes: Science

  • Miss A. Herd: Art

  • Ms K. Hickling: Science

  • Mrs. E. Hoey: English

  • Mrs. A. Hudson: Food

  • Mrs. L. Hutton: Food

  • Mrs. K. Johnson: Dance/Physical Education

  • Mrs. C. Knight: Product Design

  • Mrs. C. Lipton: Drama

  • Mrs. R. McCarthy: Mathematics

  • Miss K. McConachie: Science

  • Mrs. K. McGuire: Business/Computing

  • Mr. P. McKiernan: Languages

  • Mr. P. McVeigh: Mathematics

  • Miss E. McVitie: English

  • Mrs. M. Mehnert: Mathematics

  • Mrs. K. Millward: Science

  • Mr. C. Moorhouse: R.E./Geography

  • Mr. S. Humphreys: History/Georgraphy

  • Miss A. Ollerenshaw: Georgraphy

  • Miss F. Parker: Languages

  • Mr. D. Pye: Drama, Music and Intervention

  • Mr. P. Paul: Physical Education

  • Miss R. Radcliffe: Physical Education

  • Mr. A. Rastrick: Science

  • Mr. D. Reeves: Computing/Product Design

  • Mrs. C Rigby: Mathematics

  • Ms K. Rogerson: English

  • Mr. G. Rowland: History

  • Mr. M. Scott: R.E./History

  • Mr. C. Smethurst: Computing

  • Mrs. C. Smith: Science

  • Mr. M. Speakman: Mathematics

  • Mrs. K. Sutton: SEN/Social Health

  • Miss H. Tereszczenko: Drama

  • Mr. J. Thirlby: English

  • Mr. A. Thorpe: Science

  • Mr. D. Tudor: Mathematics

  • Mrs. D. Turban: Languages

  • Miss M. Waseem: Food

  • Mrs. T. Wilkinson: English

  • Mrs. K. Williams: Art

  • Mr. R. Williams: Physical Education

  • Mrs. C. Williamson: Art

  • Miss S. Wilson: English

  • Miss M. Wood: English

Teaching Staff

Support Staff


  • Mr. J. Leigh: Academy Business Manager

  • Mrs. D. Lancaster: Exams, Assessment, Cover Manager and Site

  • Miss D. Elkin: Headteacher's P.A.

  • Mrs. S. Stephenson: Office Manager

  • Mrs. L. Barton: Finance Officer

  • Mrs. N. Lane: Student Enquiries Officer

  • Mrs. L. Nichol: Finance Assistant

  • Mrs. C. Cornforth: Receptionist

  • Mrs. K. Duffy: Clerical Assistant - SEN

  • Mrs. S. Bagley: Exams, Assessment and Cover Assistant

  • Ms K. Speakman: Administrative Officer

  • Ms D. Worrall: First Aid Officer

ICT Support

  • Mr. M. Arnold: ICT Manager


  • Mr A. Darwell: Senior Science Technician

Pastoral Support Officers

  • Mrs. J. Williams (Year 7)

  • Ms H. Rutter (Year 8)

  • Mr. L. Heaton (Year 9)

  • Mrs. J. Dean (Year 10)

  • Mrs. L. Robinson -Prescott (Year 11)

  • Mrs. K. Macey (LAC Students)

Behaviour Support 

  • Mr. D. Gibbons

  • Miss A. Westwood

  • Mrs. M. Hindle


  • Miss J. Colletta


  • Mrs. L. Johnson (Attendance Manager)

  • Mrs. D. Grivosti (Attendance Officer)

Raising Achievement

  • Ms J. Collier

  • Miss S. Cooksey

  • Mr. R. Unsworth

Teaching Assistants

  • Ms R. Bickerton

  • Miss L. Charnock

  • Mrs. S. Cook

  • Mrs. S. Cunningham

  • Mrs. V. Gormley

  • Miss J. Hoyland

  • Ms H. Jones

  • Miss C. Lancaster

  • Mrs. A. McArthur-Brown

  • Mr. M. O'Brien

  • Mrs. A. Rushton

  • Mrs. M. Scully

Site Staff

  • Mr. E. Molloy: Site Manager

  • Mr. B. Houghton: Caretaker

  • Mr. F. Hoinville: Caretaker

  • Mrs. L. Dawber

  • Mrs. L. Thomas

  • Mrs. V. Kirsners