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Byrchall High School pupils in a Science lesson

Mathematics Video

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Working hard together, achieving together, making every lesson count

The Mathematics Team will provide students with exciting, relevant and challenging Mathematics, delivered by dedicated staff. Students will understand the underlying principles of the mathematics they learn, making links and developing reasoning skills and logical thinking. They will progress towards being independent mathematicians who take ownership of their learning and can identify correct and incorrect work for themselves. Students will have their confidence encouraged and their complacency challenged in order to maximise potential.


To achieve this, staff will design and develop simple and effective systems and interesting and effective teaching ideas and resources to enable classroom delivery and promote mathematics across the school.

Clicking on the buttons below will download a PDF including a further breakdown of topics covered in the subject:

Students will receive one piece of homework per week that will be marked and returned to the student at the next available opportunity. The piece of work will be designed to last between 1 hour and 1½.


Unless otherwise stated by the teacher, students should complete homework in their book and show all working out. Homework could take a variety of formats including:


  • Worksheet

  • Research Project

  • MathsWatch

  • Revision

  • Exam Practice


During Year 9 your child will continue their journey on the Foundation or Higher pathway. There is flexibility within these pathways to allow for movement between the pathways if necessary.

In Year 10 your child will continue their GCSE studies on either the Foundation or Higher pathway. Again, there is a flexible approach should the need arise for a change in pathway.

During the final year of study we will ensure that your child is on the right pathway to maximise their potential and ensure that they achieve the best possible outcome.

Reading Beyond the Classroom

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MATHS WATCH: MathsWatch is the complete online Maths platform that makes learning available to your students 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

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MYMATHS: Bringing maths alive.

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HEGARTY MATHS: Built to make independent learners.

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CORBETT MATHS: Videos, worksheets, 5-a-day and much more.

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