Results 2019/20:

The pupils received Centre Assessed Grades (CAG) this academic year. 


At Byrchall we are proud of our pupils' academic achievements. A summary of the results from 2019 can be seen below. Further details from the School Performance Tables can be obtained by clicking/tapping the buttons below to reach the DfE Website to access the school performance tables 

Results 2018/19:

In 2019, we saw significant increases in progress, with particularly strong performances in the key subjects of English and Mathematics. There were many other excellent performances in a range of subjects. These increases are also significantly higher than the national averages.

  • % of pupils entering for the EBACC = 60%

  • % of pupils achieving the EBACC - standard pass - 25%

  • % of pupils achieving the EBACC - strong pass - 16%

Pupil Destinations
Byrchall High School Activity Survey Summaries