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Results and Destinations

Photo of Thomas Booth and Holly Hitchmough

At Byrchall we are proud of our pupils' academic achievements. The school continues to have particularly strong performances in the key subjects of English and Mathematics. There were many other excellent performances in a range of subjects. These increases are also significantly higher than the national averages.


A summary of the results from 2022 can be seen below. Further details from the School Performance Tables can be obtained by using the link below to reach the DfE Website to access the school performance measures.

2022 Results 

  • % of pupils entering for the EBACC = 64%

  • % of pupils achieving the EBACC - standard pass - 38%

  • % of pupils achieving the EBACC - strong pass - 28%

Pupil Destinations

Byrchall High School Activity Survey Summaries

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