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Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE

Member of Staff Responsible: Miss M. Noor

Examinations: GCSE Board – EDUQAS

Assessment 1: Food Investigation (15%)
Assessment 2: Food Preparation Assessment (35%)
Final Written Examination: 1 paper (50%)

Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE


Students will look at building knowledge, understanding and skills in preparing and cooking food safely using a wide range of food commodities. This will help students understand:

  • The relationship between diet and health and the effects of a poor diet on health

  • How a range of different factors affect our food choices

  • The functional and nutritional properties, working characteristics and sensory qualities of foods and how food science principles can be applied

  • How to prepare, process, store and cook food safely

  • Different culinary traditions and the ingredients and cooking techniques they use.

The course is divided into 6 areas

1. Food commodities

2. Principles of nutrition

3. Diet and good health

4. The science of food

5. Where food comes from

6. Cooking and food preparation


Assessment 1 Food Investigation worth 15%

A scientific food investigation which will assess knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to the scientific principles underlying the preparation of cooking food

Assessment 2 Food Preparation Assessment worth 35%

Preparing, cooking and presenting a menu to assess knowledge, skills and understanding relating to the planning, preparation, cooking and presenting of food.


Homework is set weekly and is used to help pupils develop their knowledge skills and understanding.

Cooking practicals are almost always weekly.

Information on what is to be cooked and what is going to be taught is shared with the students and is on Synergy.

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