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Welcome To Byrchall Year 6 Transition

Ongoing new build at Byrchall High School

Preparing for the move to our brand new school. Guidance for pupils and parents/carers. 

A Message for all Year 6 students joining the Byrchall family in September 2024.  

We are looking forward to welcoming all our Year 6 pupils who have been offered a place at Byrchall and will be joining us in September, 2024.


We have emailed information regarding our transition events to everyone who was offered a place. Please check the link below to see the Key dates letter sent to all our future students


Please contact: if you have not received an email from us and your child is starting Byrchall in September (please put your child’s name and Primary school in the subject line. We can then add you to our mailing list). 

Our transition team have lots of exciting events and activities planned over the coming months. These include ‘Friendship Day’, ‘Curriculum Evenings’, ‘Transition Events’ and so much more. Information will be emailed to you closer to the time of each event. You will also find lots more information by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the page.


Again, we look forward to welcoming all our new Year 7 pupils into the Byrchall community and hope you enjoy the last few months at your Primary school.

Year 6 Information and Welcome Video

Friendship Day Video

Picture of Teacher Mr Williams

Mr. Williams

I am Mr Williams. I am in charge of organising all the primary visits and events that happen at Byrchall. I am also a PE Teacher and love getting involved in sport. My role is to ensure that your transition to high school is a smooth one and that you look forward to joining us here at Byrchall. Parents and students can contact me on: with any questions.

Byrchall High School Crest
Picture of Teacher Mrs Fletcher

Mrs. Fletcher

Hello. My name is Mrs Fletcher. I am one of the Assistant Head teachers in school and in my role as Head of Lower school one of my responsibilities is making sure you have a smooth transition from primary school. One of my big jobs is visiting our primary schools before you start and finding out lots of information about you; what you like and are good at and maybe the things that you struggle with a little bit.


I work closely with the Year 7 team to make sure everything is in place for you to have a really positive start to high school.

Picture of Teacher Mrs Hudson

Mrs. Hudson

Hello to you, our new Year 7. My name is Mrs Hudson. I am one of the Assistant Head teachers in school, my role is to look after pupil welfare and support. I am also in charge of making sure that everyone in school is safe in my role as Designated safeguarding lead. I work with our SENCO and pastoral support assistants to make sure that everyone in school gets the help and support they need in their learning but also in their emotional health and well-being. I also teach Food in school. 

I look forward to meeting you all in the near future I hope!

Picture of Miss Wilson

Miss Wilson

Hello, future Year 7 students. My name is Miss Wilson and I am Head of Year 7 at Byrchall. My role in school is to make sure that you have the best start to Year 7 and I will continue to support you throughout the year.

I will be in the Year 7 area most mornings and I see you in your form rooms each morning. One of the most exciting things about my role is that I get to celebrate all of your achievements in our weekly assemblies and I am certain that I will have lots of success stories this coming year.

I am also an English teacher, so you will see me over in the Wall building and around school.

I am really looking forward to meeting you all.

Miss Brown

Miss Brown

Hello, my name is Miss Brown. As well as being a teacher at Byrchall, my main role is being the SENCO. My job is to make sure that any child who has additional needs gets the support they need. At Byrchall we have about 100 students who have an additional need, or require a bit of extra help. This might be a bit of help with handwriting, spelling, reading, math or in class support from a Teaching Assistant. Once at Byrchall, any child who thinks they need more help can speak to me, or one of my team of Teaching Assistants. If you, or you parent think you may need some extra help, please feel free to get in touch. Email is the easiest way to communicate with me at this time. My email is:

As SENCO it’s my job to make sure you can overcome any difficulties you have, that you do as well as you can at school and that you feel supported.

Pupil Support: Access via Website (video below)

Subjects covered: Inbox and bulletins; attendance and punctuality; detentions; rewards and behaviour points; classwork and homework assignments; extra-curricular clubs.

Pupil Support: Access via App (video below)

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