Social Sciences
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Skills for adult life.

The Social Health department aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to work and live as a valuable member of society. We aim to ensure that our students can work within the constructs of both social work and health based settings. We aim to nurture an interest in caring skills whilst developing sound communication and presentation skills. Pursuing the skills to empathise and see different viewpoints in relation to key issues in modern society. Our students will become independent leaners who are able to meet the challenges of an ever changing world.

All the subjects within this department prepare students for the world of academia or the world of work with the department offering GCSE and BTEC courses in a variety of subjects. The variety of subjects and topics is varied enough for students to recognise how they could be used in the future and how they could impact with future studies or future places of employment.

The Students learn in a variety of different ways and this prepares them in becoming independent and self-sufficient individuals. The variety of subjects allows for a whole host of teaching methods to be used, in addition to this the variety of topics, within each subject, allows for engagement and helps to nurture curiosity and self-motivation in reading and learning around these areas producing individuals who are enthused and independent.

The Social Health department draws on staff from a variety of different subject areas which provides a dynamic and unique team of facilitators; this in turn ensures that students have engaging and diverse lessons in all areas of the department. The Social Health department looks at educating the students in more than just the subject including looking at how topics can be linked to wider social and cultural issues. Within Health and Social Care staff and students often look at the media for examples of good verbal and non-verbal communication skills, care base values and training.


Our key aims are:

  • To nurture a sense of responsibility and appreciation of themselves and others in both the classroom and the wider world

  • To develop an understanding of the subject area they are learning and encourage reading around that subject, broadening knowledge and understanding

  • To promote verbal skills so that students are able to present work confidently, maturely and in a balanced way

  • To instil a lifelong interest in learning and engaging with learning in preparation for the future

  • Students will be required to complete one 30-60 minute piece of homework every week.

  • Homework will consist of a variety of different tasks, for example: revision, spelling/definitions, research tasks, preparations and research for controlled assessments, exam questions and real world applications including watching TV programs and reading magazines/books.

  • Homework set will be recorded by the teacher on the school’s Edulink One app.

Child Development

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Health and Social Care

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