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Geography GCSE

Members of Staff Responsible: Mr. G. Rowland

Examinations: GCSE Board – AQA
Three papers worth 100%
1 entry level – there has been a removal of tiers

Geography GCSE


The course has three themes:

  1. Living with the physical environment

  2. Challenges in the human environment

  3. Geographical applications

Pupils need to have a range of map and graph skills and be able to use photos, table and graph resources to solve geographical problems. Many questions require short answers but extended written answers are included in all papers.


Paper 1: The challenges of natural hazards, The Living World, Physical landscapes in the UK, Geographical Skills.

1 hour 30 minutes

35% of the course/ 88 marks

Paper 2: Urban Issues and challenges, The changing economic world, the challenge of resource management, Geographical skills.

1 hour 30 minute

35% of the course/ 88 marks

Paper 3: Issue evaluation, fieldwork, Geographical skills

1 hour 30 minutes

30% of the course/ 76 marks

Pre-release booklet made available 12 weeks before exam


Homework will be set each week. It will consist of either an exam question or tasks on Seneca.

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