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Photography GCSE

Member of Staff responsible: Mrs C. Williamson

Photography GCSE




Photography is a practical course which will involve students developing skills when using SLR cameras and digital editing software. You will gain experience when completing photographic shoots in an indoor and outdoor setting.

You will be expected to develop critical understanding of artists work and make connections with your own through experimentations and annotation.


Students will produce a portfolio of work and will submit at least one whole unit of work and a selection of their best pieces for final assessment. Each assignment must cover the guidelines set by AQA.


There are six weeks’ preparation time followed by a ten-hour examination of sustained focused study in which students are expected to develop their own unaided work, informed by their preparatory studies. Students will carefully select and present work for assessment, ensuring in meets all four assessment objectives.


Students will be expected to continue their coursework on a weekly basis at home, as well as in school. It is important to do this to meet the essential requirements of quantity and quality of work for each assignment

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